Brazilian scholarship students reflect on their experience in Canada

This July, Brazilian scholarship students Ms Olivia Maria Santos de Lima and Miller Eliézer Cunha e Silva arrived in Canada to begin their scholarship programs at Languages Canada member programs Acadia University, Apex Language & Career College (ALCC) and the International Education Centre and Language Institute & Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Olivia and Miller were chosen as finalists at the inaugural Languages without Borders Congress in Brasilia, Brazil, as part of the Ministry of Education of Brazil’s English without Borders program. The scholarship offered the students the opportunity to enhance their learning and research through exposure to Canadian English language education and culture. Languages Canada was proud to offer these students the opportunity to further their learning and research in these three exceptional locations.

Ms Olivia Maria Santos de Lima attended a program at Acadia University and Apex Language & Career College (ALCC). In this testimonial excerpt, she describes her experience of studying in Canada:

“A dream came true. This is the only way I have to express how I feel about my experience in Canada. I met the most incredible people, who treated me with nothing but kindness, respect and warmth…My stay in Acadia University was bliss. The accommodations were great, the food on the meal hall was fantastic and I could have not asked for a better host, Sharon and Suzanne. The lectures were also insightful and useful for my learning experience. Not only did I grasp the history and local culture, I was given the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on linguistics and its settings in Canada. It was hard to say goodbye, but by the time I moved to Halifax I knew that people from Acadia University would be forever in my memory.

My studies in Halifax were above par, since I also had the opportunity to observe many classes, interact with the teachers and learn from international students. The highlight of my experience in Halifax was my practicum; teaching international students who did not speak my native language was challenging and fascinating at the same time, and I think my performance exceeded my own expectations. I wish every teacher and co-worker of mine could have had this opportunity. This experience truly changed my perspective and had the most positive impact on my professional and personal life. Canada is, without a doubt, the best place to visit, study and learn.”

Ms Olivia Maria Santos de Lima in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Miller Eliézer Cunha at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario

Miller Eliézer Cunha e Silva attended a program at the International Education Centre and Language Institute & Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. In this testimonial excerpt, he describes his experience:

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the generous scholarship Languages Canada has given me. I feel so fortunate to have been selected as a recipient of this prize…During the four-week period that I spent in Ottawa I could understand what living in a global community really means. I met people from all over the world, which allowed valuable intercultural experiences to take place.

Being able to have an experience such as this is incredibly valuable for someone who studies and deals with languages, such as myself…I have read much about the importance of developing intercultural awareness in our students to help them be successful global citizens but it was only in Canada that I was able to see how crucial this is and how it operates in everyday life and communication.

My host institution, Algonquin College, designed a personalized program for me, which helped me make autonomous decisions and effectively take an active part while I was there. I followed and observed an ESL class and started to help students from day one.

Having this teaching experience with international students and seeing theories I had only read about being used in practice added greatly to my formation as a teacher and, since I got back, I already started to implement the things I learned with my own students. For this, I will never be able to thank Languages Canada enough. Your generosity and support provided me with everything I needed to have an incredible experience. I will work hard to ensure that the things I learned make a difference here and I look forward to the day I am able to help others as you have helped me. Thank you again!”

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