About Canada

Canada is rated as one of the highest quality language education destinations in the world. Our people have so much to offer – and so much to learn − from international students and educators like you. Canadians are known for an entrepreneurial spirit, world-class cultural talent, safe cities, a high quality of life and outstanding education. It all makes Canada a top-choice for international language students. With its world-class talent, breathtaking landscapes and exceptional quality of life, Canada is a welcoming destination for international students looking to study English and French.

World-Class Talent for Everyone

Canada is always ranked in the top three world rankings by the OECD, and usually occupies the top spot for English and French education programs. What makes Canada’s system different? One element is language – entry to post-secondary programs demands high levels of language proficiency, guaranteeing that graduates posses the skills needed for their education and for the workforce. The result? A country with small population that consistently performs well in research and innovation and hosts five of the world’s top 100 business schools.

Quality of Life

Canada has been among the top 10 countries in the United Nations Quality of Life Index for nine years. Solid Economy Canada has been one of the top five leaders in economic growth among G-7 countries over the past decade. Canada has been called the best country in the G-20 to do business.

Multicultural Environment

Canada has a strong and proud tradition of multiculturalism.

Bilingual Nation

Canada’s bilingual nature is rooted in our culture and history. Study English and French at one of our accredited language programs.

Canadian Culture

Cities large and small offer an exciting social scene, art galleries and museums, and so much more ... all within easy reach.

Beautiful Nature

Mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers and national parks make Canada an unrivalled natural playground.

Exceptional Innovation

Languages Canada is global innovative leader in language education. Through strong international partnerships, impactful promotional initiatives and collaboration with Canadian governments, we work to guarantee a bright future for international students studying English and French in Canada. By working together we help ensure that Canada is your best and safest choice for quality language education.

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