Canada-Brazil language education


As Canada’s national body representing language education, Languages Canada is committed to advancing growth and innovation for Canada’s English and French language programs. To achieve our objectives we undertake work in policy, research, professional development, and promotion. Our close collaboration with Brazil’s Languages without Borders program and long standing presence in Brazil aims to support the growth of our two countries and of language as a fundamental aspect of the internationalization of education and the workforce.


  • We represent more than 225 language education programs across Canada.
  • We represent more than 130 study locations across Canada. 
  • In 2014 our member programs received more than 130,000 international students. 
  • The largest group of students, nearly 21,000, came from Brazil – more Brazilians choose Canada to learn a second language than any other country. 
  • Our members offer independently accredited English and French programs from both the public and private sectors, including universities, colleges, and language schools. 
  • Languages Canada’s Quality Assurance Framework protects the investments made by international students and upholds Canada’s reputation as a quality study destination.

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